Doing What He Says

osI just wrapped up my high school girls small group meeting for this week. Every Wednesday night we gather round my living room, seeking to study, to pray for one another, to help each other get better at following hard after Jesus. Tonight we looked at Luke 6:46-49//the parable of the wise and foolish man. Jesus [...]

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Youth Group Communication Pledge:

Teenage spiritual battlegrounds often look as simple as small conversations: sometimes, in person, via txt message, facebook, etc. Each our youth group goes over the Peacemakers Pledge (adapted from Peacemakers Ministries) – Here is the text of what we go over – and hopefully follow young men and women hoping to follow God in something [...]

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Noonday Give Away Winner!!

As promised … announcing the winner of my Noonday Give Away!!! I generated a random number:     And the winner is …..         The Original Ashleigh Sutter – my sister in law!!!   No nepotism here folks! The odds were in her favor!   Thanks Ash for spreading the word about [...]

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Monday/Fun Day/Give-Away-Day!

Oh dear, it’s Monday. Cheer up folks! You can enter the Noonday Give Away! Up for grabs is the (Noonday Collection best seller) Cubist Cuff! This eye catching bracelet comes in two colors – silver & gold. The winner of this giveaway gets to choose which color they’d like. So what will it be? Silver?? [...]

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when you satisfy the needs of the oppressed…

…your night will become like the noonday – Isaiah 58:10 I have some exciting news to announce! I have accepted an offer to become (the first and for now only) Independent Representative for Noonday Collection on Long Island, and now am in official launch mode! Noonday is a for profit company, that through direct sales [...]

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A week Speaking… at Camp Spofford

This year I took on a different role – speaker. I loved it. I spent a week at beautiful Camp Spofford in NH where Colette really enjoyed running around in and out of a lake. It was really amazing – There were about 100 kids between ages 8 and 12.

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She Rides Painted Ponies, and Roars at Dinosaurs.

We love to go into what we call “the city”… and I think Colette is catching on. – Last Monday we took a trip to the city… mostly to see the Central Park Zoo… Colette assumed that every animal was a duck… that carousels were pretty normal and that Dinosaurs were to be run fearsomely at while making a loud “roaring” sound… in museums with great acoustics.

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Spiritual Maturity is Overrated – The Godhead of God – Logos Free Book

With God, you never really become  a master of the material. Most journeys are about mastery. Academics, career, hobbies, skills – in most things you start off with a little interest and you end up having mastered a skill, or position, or knowledge set.  One starts off as an amateur,  and drives toward… maturity. A Christian progress has similarities, certainly. Foolishness, wisdom, [...]

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April Fun Days..

We are clearly way overdue for some pictures of Colette – I think most of you visit this blog just for that. – Spring has been busy, but we really had a great Easter with family, and we’ve been able to spend some time exploring the Island (day trip to Long Beach) and taking shots [...]

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Youth Ministry as of late (Ashley Reflects)

Something really good has been happening in our living room on Wednesday nights. Around 7pm the High School girls will start trickling in for their small group time. We usually start with some prayer, and then will discuss the book/devotional we’re reading. They jump at the chance to share their favorite quotes and I can’t [...]

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